Symposium on Crime Scene Cleanup

Texas is a massive State and many of the cities in Texas are seeing record increases in crime rates and suicide.  With the crime and suicide come the aftermath of a death.  As violent crime attacks like homicide’s in Texas or murders are done with guns, the wound causes a large amount of blood pooling on surfaces and other bodily fluids.  The same is true when it comes to a suicide.  Most suicide’s are done by gun shot and result in blood splatter on both ceiling and floors as well as walls.  This poses the question many have of so much awful death, who is there to help clean up the after death fluids?
Biomart Cleaners presents a virtual symposium designed to help educate people on what happens after the crime scene is released.  The lecturers will be seasoned crime scene cleaners who have had years of experience in doing after death cleaning which is commonly called crime scene cleanup in Texas.  Keynote speakers include some of the founders of the crime scene cleanup industry as well as many people who have worked in disease prevention fields.
Why is this important and who this is for is designed to educate city officials as well as community leaders.  To help inform them of how to get proper information disseminated to health care workers and first liners.  These people can help educate the consumer and residential owners of the health care risks of attempting to clean blood from surfaces.  This includes what can go wrong and how many surfaces you think are clean, really are not.  The purpose of education right now is in part due to the increase in Covid-19 cases throughout Texas.  Now more than ever it is important to be vigilant and clean homes responsibly.  This includes sanitizing homes and sterilizing furniture but there is more to all of this.
The speaker hopes that not only will information get released to a number of families throughout the area, but also to Police, Law Enforcement, Coroners, and Medics.  Whenever a first responder goes to a home where a crime scene or suicide or death has occurred, that they get the right crime scene or after death cleanup specialists to that home.  You can learn more by looking at your city hall town hall events calendars in cities across Texas for a virtual code to watch the symposium.

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