How to get a job as a crime scene cleaner

A lot of people are interested in careers as crime scene cleaners. With jobless claims still showing millions of Americans are out of work, many of these jobless veterans are trying to find alternative jobs. A little off the beaten path and somewhere in between criminal investigation and nursing is a job as a crime scene cleaner. The best part is in many cases the pay is even better.

So now that the good news is out of the way, lets discuss how you might become the next crime scene cleanup professional. First you are going to want to make sure you understand the job requirements. These include but are not limited to the following. You will need to get all inoculations and vaccinations available. This is for disease and accidents on the job prevention. That’s not too tough right, so what else. Well travel is expected for more crime scene cleaners due to having multiple locations what can request after death cleaning support. For example when people request crime scene cleanup in Texas you can see jobs in Dallas but also Houston all in the same day. You will be required to go to the homes that need your help! Finally you have to go through some extensive training programs to get licensed in blood borne pathogens.

That’s not a lot but be aware before you apply for jobs in this growing industry. Many companies hiring for crime scene cleanup go to some horrific scenes. It is not like the movies and when you see a homicide or suicide scene in person, along with the bodily pieces and blood as well as odors, you may not want to be in this business. That said, it can be extremely rewarding too. Many crime scene and trauma cleaners are very happy doing their jobs. They help many families deal with hazardous and emotional conditions they could not imagine cleaning themselves. More often then not the families that even try end up making scenes worse by vomiting and spreading the contaminated areas. We see crime scene cleanup to be a great profession and hopefully you do too!