Who Founded Philadelphia Crime Scene Cleaners

Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania and for sure has it’s fair share of crime. Sometimes the crime has a death involved or an assault that causes blood to be spilled at a property. In the late 80’s this was a major problem. With the AIDS Crisis effecting many people in Philadelphia, including a movie later made about this starring Tom Hanks called Philadelphia; people needed help with cleaning after death scenes. The police or medical examiners office were the first requested to to help. As you can imagine this was not something that law enforcement wanted to help with. In fact, nobody wanted to get near blood. In the 80’s and 90’s blood was a very feared item. The idea of transacting a disease like HIV was like a death sentence in many peoples eyes.

The risk of disease and illness was too high and people eventually strayed away from helping even neighbors in need. Biomart Cleaners was established and quickly became the leader for after death cleaning in Philadelphia. They not only cleaned crime scenes but they were helping families throughout the city that were dealing with illness and medical cleaning and cleaning after a suicide. Now several companies are starting to hire crime scene cleaners throughout the area but disease and sanitizing is as important today as it was back then.

Today the illness is Covid-19 but HIV still hasn’t gone away. We also see vicious strains of MRSA and Hepatitis. This shows us that disease is very much something people still need to be concerned with. Also, the industry itself called crime scene cleanup has changed dramatically. Now many laws are established that determine how homes need to be cleaned and what the cleaners need to do with the biohazard waste they remove from the home. After death cleanup continues to be a growing industry, helping many families in need.