A Suicide Crisis as Pandemic Continues

With the pandemic going into it’s final month of 2020 we are all hearing the news reports on mental health. A nation in crisis is a headline in many reports as we see surges in suicide. With suicide rates peaking at all time highs we are dismayed going into the holiday season.

Recent reporting shows that cities across the country are struggling with the pandemic. New lockdowns or limits are in place and more people are struggling to pay bills and keep what they have worked for their entire life. This has put an immense amount of pressure on peoples mental state of mind. With this stress has come depression and with the winter blues already in full swing we are all fearing that suicide rates will climb even faster the typical this Christmas season.

We need to learn to cope one way or another. Mental health support exists all over in various cities some counselors are offering free help. You can find information on suicide counselors. It is also recommended to use white light therapy if possible, reach out to small groups of close friends and have zoom meetings, and eat healthier. Malnutrition during winter month’s can exasperate the lack of Vitamin D and B12 which both have been associated with mood disorders.

No matter where you live we have support staff that is available to help with any suicide cleanup. If you would like more information on some of our top cities we are supporting then check the links below.

Biomart Cleaners is the leader in crime scene cleanup and provides support for suicide cleanup services.